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Aspire coils

Coils based on the Aspire U-Tech technology are a step ahead in the e-cigarette industry. Aspire has often proven to be the innovator of coils and the U-Tech solution is another good example. Figuratively speaking, coils based on the U-Tech technology consist of two BVC coils that are connected to each other. Hence, the coil crackles and sputters less and is nearly leak-free.

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U-Tech coils can handle thicker liquids containing up to 80% of VG.

0,4 ohm (40-50w) - Aspire Atlantis EVO (direct lung)
0,5 ohm (35-40w) - Aspire Atlantis EVO (direct lung)
0,5 ohm
(20-30w) - Aspire Atlantis/ Eleaf Melo (direct lung)
0,6 ohm (18-23w) - PockeX  (direct lung or mouth to lung)
0.7 ohm (18-23w) - Nautilus 2 (direct lung or mouth to lung)
1,2 ohm (18-23w) - PockeX  (mouth to lung)
1.6 ohm (7-13w ) - Aspire/ Nicorex BVC K1 (mouth to lung)
1.6 oomi (10-14w) - Aspire old Nautilus (mouth to lung)
1,8 ohm (10-14w) - Nautilus 2 (mouth to lung)
1,8 ohm (12-16w) - Nautilus X (mouth to lung) for flavour chasers.Designed for vapers who seek premium taste without requiring large amounts of vapour. This coil uses a bit less liquid than 1.5-Ohm or 0.6-Ohm coils.
1.8 ohm (4.2-5.0V) - BVC for ET-S, Nova, CE5, K1 (mouth to lung)
1.8 ohm (13-16w) -Triton mini

0.16 ohm Aspire Cleito 120 (100-120W)
0.16 ohm Aspire Cleito EXO (60-100W)
0.2 ohm Aspire Cleito
0.27 ohm Aspire Cleito (40-55W)

0.4 ohm Aspire Cleito
0.4SS ohm Aspire Cleito
(55-65W/ 450-530F)

Package: 1 pc.

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