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Unflavored tasteless e-liquid

The tasteless e-liquid within the Nicorex product range is ideal for people who have not managed to find their favourite flavour or don't want to consume flavoured e-liquids. 
On the other hand, this base liquid is excellent for diluting flavours that might seem too strong for some. 
This e-liquid allows the users to choose: either experiment with flavour intensity or consume in pure form.
The tasteless e-liquid is available in four different nicotine concentrations: 18, 12, 6 and 0mg.

Nicorex e-liquid for electronic cigarettes, suitable for all models. Use a Nicorex vaporiser for the best result in flavour and smoke. You can drip the liquid into the vaporiser or cartridge/tank.

10ml bottle, which is equivalent to ca. 7 packs of ordinary tobacco.

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