SMOK G-Priv Touch 220 battery (without elements)
SMOK G-Priv Touch 220 battery (without elements)
SMOK G-Priv Touch 220 battery (without elements)
SMOK G-Priv Touch 220 battery (without elements)
SMOK G-Priv Touch 220 battery (without elements)
SMOK G-Priv Touch 220 battery (without elements)
SMOK G-Priv Touch 220 battery (without elements)
SMOK G-Priv Touch 220 battery (without elements)
SMOK G-Priv Touch 220 battery (without elements)

SMOK G-Priv Touch 220 battery (without elements)

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Brand new touch screen vaping experience from G-PRIV 220. For meeting up with the popularity of high power, the battery endurance time and performance of G-PRIV 220 is excellent, which is powered by two external batteries. Both the super big 2.4“ touch screen and screen locked button simplify the operation.

Works with 2 x 18650 elements that are not included in the set and should be purchased separately!

It is recommended to charge batteries through external charger to extend their life cycle!

Element available separately, i.e. not included in the set, buy here >>>

Dimensions: 85x58.5x28mm
Material: Zinc alloy
Output: 1W-220W
Voltage: 0.35V-8.0V
Resistance: 0.1Ω-3Ω (VW) 0.06Ω-3Ω (TC)
Temperature: 200’F-600’F / 100’C-315’C

The set includes
1x G-PRIV 220 battery
1x USB cable
1x Instruction manual
1x Silicone casing

Inserting battery elements
1.       Open the cover as indicated on the drawing.
2.       Insert two 18650 battery elements whilst observing correct polarity (+ and -)
3.       Close the battery cover.

Battery element messages:

HIGH INPUT – battery element voltage over 9V. Use another battery element.
WEAK BATTERY – battery element voltage below 6.4V. Use another battery element.

Fitting the atomizer and related messages
The G-PRIV battery terminal is a new generation spring terminal. Before mounting the atomizer, make sure that the battery terminal is not contaminated.
1.       Attach the atomizer to the device and turn it clockwise to secure.
2.       After activating the device, press the power button to vape.

1.       NEW COIL – Detection of new coil in temp. mode. If it's a new coil, select "Yes", if it's the same coil, select "No"
2.       OHMS TOO LOW – Resistance below 0.06Ω in temp. mode or below 0.1Ω in wattage mode. Use another coil.
3.       OHMS TOO HIGH – Resistance above 3Ω. Use another coil.
4.       SHORTED ATOMIZER – Atomizer short-circuited.
5.       CHECK ATOMIZER – Atomizer not detected.
6.       DRY COIL NO LIQUID – No liquid in atomizer. Fill the atomizer with e-liquid.

Using the battery
1.       Switching on - press the main button five times within two seconds. The screen will read „SMOK“
2.       Switching off - press the main button five times within two seconds. The screen will read „Power Off System YES/NO“. Select „Yes“ to switch off the battery.
3.       Vaping – Hold down the main button. If one puff lasts longer than 12 seconds, the battery will cut the power supply. Release the button for a moment to continue vaping.
4.       Switching the screen ON and OFF - press the screen ON/OFF button.
5.       Locking the screen - hold down the screen ON/OFF button for 1-2 seconds.  A lock icon will appear next to the clock.
6.       Switching off the main button - press the main button quickly three times. The screen will read „FireKey Locked“

Wattage (VW) mode
1.       Select VW Mode on the screen to enter wattage mode settings.
2.       Effects – allows setting the puff effect. Max/Min/Hard/Norm/Soft.

3.       Adjusting the output - move the VW dot with your finger to adjust power output. Likewise, you can use the + and - signs on the screen. (1W-220W)

4.      Select "Active" to activate the wattage mode.

Temperature (TC) mode
1.     Material - set the coil material. Nickel/Titanium/Stainless.

2.       Preheat – set the max. output limit for temperature mode. (1W-220W) Move the dot with your finger or use the + and - signs. The, press "OK", if you wish to save the value, or "Cancel", if you wish to cancel.
3.       Adj-TCR – allows setting the TCR value (0.00010-0.0080). The adjustment of this coefficient depends on the coil material. The correct value ensures smoother functioning in the temperature mode.
4.       Initial OHM – allows setting the coil resistance, should the battery inaccurately detect the resistance.







5.            Select "Active" to activate the temperature

1.       Vaping data - select the "Puff" menu on the screen.
- „Already“ shows the number of puffs made
- „Max Puff“ allows setting the maximum limit of puffs (1-2000)
- „Puffs Reset?“ allows resetting the puff count.
2.       Other settings - select the "Settings" menu on the screen.
-„Screen timeout“ allows setting the screen turn off time (10s-240s)
-„Time“ allows setting the time and date. The left/right buttons allow selecting the time and date. The up/down buttons allow selecting the value of the unit.
-„Factory Reset“ allows restoring the factory settings.

The operating screen allows direct adjustment of output or temperature depending on the currently selected mode, and shows information on voltage, amperage and resistance.

The battery enjoys a three-month warranty period.

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