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From 01.07.2019 it is not allowed by Estonian law, to buy and sell e-cigarette products via e-shop.

Secrets of the atomizer's long life

You should be familiar with the basic operation of the device to get the best e-cigarette experience. An e-cigarette consists of an atomizer and battery. The battery's function is simple - it needs to hold enough charge to operate the atomizer's coil. The atomizer is that part of the e-cigarette which makes the e-liquid vaporise and allows imitating the smoking of regular cigarettes.

First filling of the atomizer with e-liquid, i.e. commissioning the new atomizer:

When filling the atomizer with e-liquid you should make sure that the liquid does not enter the air channel in the middle of the atomizer (looks like a slim tube), otherwise the atomizer will need cleaning. The level of e-liquid in the atomizer should not be higher than 1mm from the bottom edge of the silicone. Upon first filling make sure that the strings in the atomizer which convey the liquid to the coil are completely soaked with the liquid. Turning the e-cigarette upside down ensures that the strings absorb the liquid. If the strings are not fully soaked, you might feel a burnt taste while vaping. To avoid this situation, you should let the liquid soak into the strings for about 1 minute before using the e-cigarette for the first time.


Each time before vaping you should turn the e-cigarette upside down for a moment so that the e-liquid would reach the coil located under the silicone (in the top section of the atomizer).

Following fill-ups:

If the atomizer is completely drained from e-liquid, the colour of the liquid in the atomizer becomes darker and the vaper senses an off-flavour. The atomizer should be filled when at least one third (or a bit less than one half) of the liquid is still left.

Cleaning the atomizer:

If obstructions occur whilst vaping (for instance, vapour is not emitted as well as normally), the atomizer should be cleaned. This is done be unscrewing the atomizer from the battery and blowing hard into the mouthpiece. A napkin should be placed in the bottom opening of the atomizer to absorb the liquid which has entered the air channel. Then, the battery end should be dried with the napkin.

Atomizer's lifetime:

Atomizer is a consumable. To get the best vaping experience, we recommend vaping 30-50ml of liquid with one atomizer. After processing the said amount of liquid, the liquid in the atomizer starts to become darker and the purity of the taste begins to suffer. To make vaping an enjoyable experience we recommend following the above hints. Pleasant vaping experience!

The Nicorex team