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eGo Battery 1100mAh

The new battery shows you how much battery life there is left.


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Price 22.00
Over 26 000 customers have trusted us Shipping time to Estonia 1-3 workdays Free shipping all over the world from 50 € 14 day return policy Safe e-shop

Smoothly moving and durable button
- Stable 3.7 V voltage
- Li-ion element
- Stainless steel
- Wear resistant
- Engraved logo
- 1100mah

Take a look at the photos to compare the 650, 900 and 1100mah batteries.

Further, read the FAQs and answers on e-cigarette batteries > > >

* The useful life of all batteries is 300 charging cycles. This means that charging for even 5 minutes counts for one charging cycle. To ensure complete charging cycles we recommend using the battery until empty and only then charging. Further, we recommend that you always use two batteries to enjoy complete convenience of use: while one battery is in use, the other is being charged. 

* Charging time for 650/900/1100 mAh battery is approx. 1,5/2/2,5 hours!

Aili Piidre
Aili Piidre

Nicorexi aku kestvus hea ja aku täituvuse märgutuli super