Mojito e-liquid

Mojito e-liquid

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The refreshing cocktail with fresh muddled mint, rum, a splash of sparkling water and sugar is brought to one cohesive juice form. It is citrusy, minty, sweet and refreshing all in one. Very suitable for everyday-vape.

Nicorex e-liquid for electronic cigarettes, suitable for all models. Use a Nicorex vaporiser for the best result in flavour and smoke. You can drip the liquid into the vaporiser or cartridge/tank.

10ml bottle, which is equivalent to ca. 7 packs of ordinary tobacco.

Further, read the FAQs and answers on e-cigarette liquids > > >

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Customer feedback

Kerli Kangur
Vedeliku tõmbamisel tekib tunne nagu sa tõesti jooksid seda maailmakuulsat kokteili. Ära on tabatud joogi koostisosade õige vahekord ning veipides püüad kinni magusa valge rummi, millele on lisatud laimi ja värskendavat ent samas mahedat piparmünti.
Kadri Krevald
Mojito värske ja parajalt magus.