The entering into force of the requirements of the European tobacco products directive in Estonia made e-cigarette seller Nicorex Baltic destroy 19,000 bottles of e-cigarette liquid worth €135,000, as the packaging size did not meet the new requirements. "The liquids were actually in order, had undergone laboratory testing and met the new requirements, but their packaging did not have the necessary warnings on them and the boxes did not contain instructions," Sven Kotke, board member of Nicorex Baltic OU, said in a press release. Kotke said that the transition period allowed by the government was too short, as the shelf life of the liquids was two years, but the length of the transition period only one year. At the same time, Kotke welcomed the requirement that the liquids have to undergo laboratory testing and that both the equipment and liquids must be registered in a single European database. Kotke described the restrictions concerning the size of packaging as unreasonable, as they increased the ecological footprint. Read more

Everybody has their own habitual places, shops, facilities for acquiring certain commodities. In most cases, the choice is based on convenience - for example, a certain shop or outlet is simply nearby or offers fast service. Many have accepted that convenience is rarely combined with high quality and professional service. What’s the situation in our business? Our mission is to provide top quality service and globally recognised brands selected according to specific properties without compromising convenience. Read more

In fact, the e-cigarette is a quite simple invention. For regular users, there are three essential components: e-liquid, battery and atomizer. These should be chosen according to personal habits and needs. Let's take a closer look of these components and the possibilities available. What do e-liquids contain? Read more

Regular cigarettes leave their mark on personal health and the surrounding environment. One of the most notable effects is the smell that is quite difficult to get off your clothes. However, e-cigarettes normally cause no smell problems as there is no process that creates smell. YOU CAN QUIT SMOKING BUT THE SMOKE WON'T LEAVE YOU Surely, we all have had unpleasant experiences with cigarette smell. You are glad to move into your new rental apartment just to discover that on the day of your inspection visit the owner had successfully managed to suppress the cigarette smell on bedroom walls. Read more

In 2016, Nicorex conducted a survey among its online and offline customers to answer this question from the consumer's perspective. The number of respondents was approx. 800. Why do customers prefer e-cigarettes to regular smokes? 1. Read more

The modern e-cigarette was developed and first manufactured in 2003 in China but did that mark the beginning of the history of e-cigarettes? Not quite so. The first documented references to an e-cigarette date back to the1930s when Joseph Robinson patented it in the USA. However, there is no evidence that this technology was ever put into use or that a prototype was ever made. Hence, the first physical item resembling an e-cigarette was created in 1965 in the USA by Herbert A. Read more

Michael Mosley investigates the dramatic rise in e-cigarettes. They're everywhere these days, but what does the latest scientific research on them reveal? Summary: - At least 95% safer than ordinary tobacco. - Successful cessation tool to leave regular tobacco. - Non-smokers do not start easily to consume e-cigarettes. Read more

Today, many people have quit smoking. But how many more friends and acquaintances who smoke one or more packs of cigarettes per day we still know? Now, thanks to e-cigarettes, millions of smokers can refer to themselves as former smokers. The introduction of e-cigarettes has changed great many lives across the globe. However, every now and then, the e-cigarette industry is being attacked by means of new misleading reports, prohibition laws and distribution restrictions. Read more

"Happy New Year!" - we hear this well-known phrase around each New Year's Day. But what does this „HappyNewYear“ actually mean? Is the "Happy New Year" better than the preceding one? Or is it just like the preceding one? Does "happy" mean good? Read more

Observant e-cigarette smokers have certainly taken note of the constantly expanding selection of e-cigarettes – the shops offer e-cigarettes from simple disposable sticks to models featuring colourful buttons, discs and displays. These gadgets are continuously developed to make our life easier, more convenient and amusing. In the following part, we'll take a closer look at the newer e-cigarette models which enable the user to adjust the amount of vapour and the intensity of "throat hit" and taste. As the tastes and habits of people vary greatly, such e-cigarettes have been developed which enable the user to adjust the strength of the puff, the amount of vapour and the intensity of the taste. Some people look for a soft and mild "caress" while others are going for a sudden "throat hit" because otherwise the e-cigarette wouldn't satisfy their appetite for smoke whereas yet another group expects to experience something in between. Read more

E-cigarettes are best enjoyed once you have found the most pleasant and suitable tastes for yourself. It is not easy, but it's worth the effort. There are hundreds of tastes available - theoretically an endless array. There are tens of tobacco variations alone, plus berries and fruits, and combined tastes as you can mix the liquids to your own taste. For example, I like to add a hint of sour pineapple to the banana. Read more

Currently, the media is full of sensational headlines on e-cigarettes with some of them true and some... well, not so true. We busted some most common myths available in the media. Using an e-cigarettes is just as good as smoking regular cigarettes It is regretful that the devices are called e-cigarettes making it sound similar to "regular cigarettes" - therefore, these two very different products are often associated with each other. However, e-cigarettes are inherently different from regular cigarettes. Read more

Following the extensive media coverage which started with the publication of the results of a study commissioned by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Dr Farsalinos, a Greek cardiologist, who has studied the health effects of smoking and use of e-cigarettes, published an article on a  research web site . The summary of this article is featured in our blog.   He decided to publish the article because following the publication of the results of the study conducted in Japan various media channels provided misleading reports on the study results and a number of people consulted him to find out whether the use of e-cigarettes is truly ten times more harmful to the health than smoking regular cigarettes. According to Dr Farsalinos, the news titles referred to several carcinogens although the body text of articles concerned only formaldehyde. Dr Farsalinos explains the background: To tell the whole truth, this “substance found in building materials and embalming fluids” is in reality present everywhere in the environment, in every house, in every city, town, village, urban or rural area. Read more

We have no idea what it contains and whether it could have irreversible effects. The bottles provide no information and even if they do, can we trust it? Low-quality e-liquids are characterised by scratchy throat, dry mouth, unpleasant chemical tinge and other similar symptoms. Surely you have noticed articles in the media about people being intoxicated by e-cigarettes. It is true, provided that they have bought e-liquids mixed together from ingredients available in someone's garage. Read more

Background: Electronic cigarette (EC) use has grown exponentially over the past few years. The purpose of this survey was to assess the characteristics and experiences of a large sample of EC users and examine the differences between those who partially and completely substituted smoking with EC use. Methods: A questionnaire was prepared, translated into 10 different languages and uploaded in an online survey tool. EC users were asked to participate irrespective of their current smoking status. Participants were divided according to their smoking status at the time of participation in two subgroups: former smokers and current smokers. Read more

Over the last weeks, the media has published headlines with scary messages like "Survey shows that e-cigarettes contain 10 times more carcinogenic substances than regular cigarettes" and "E-cigarettes cause 10 times more cancer than regular cigarettes". Reading such headlines makes you wonder whether there is good reason to worry or whether this is yet another attempt to "attract" clicks/shares/likes. These aforesaid stunning headlines refer to the study commissioned by the Ministry of Health of Japan which was published in November 2014. Link to survey: Reading the results and conclusions of this study leaves no doubt that the media has twisted the truth in its articles. To attract clicks, of course. Read more

Today, e-cigarettes have established themselves on the market and most smokers have at least tried if not bought the device. Some years ago, smokers had to tolerate the smoke stink that followed them like a shadow and suffer from a number of health problems inevitably caused by smoking. Back then, only few were aware of the possibility of using e-cigarettes and the majority of smokers see vapers as funny aliens from another planet who suck on a smoking pen. Today, the fragrant e-cigarette is not new to anyone. Below is an overview of the opportunities of improving the quality of life by replacing regular cigarettes with e-cigarettes. Read more

Experts believe that criticism about e-cigarettes is often misleading. For every million smokers who switch to e-cigarettes, more than 6,000 lives a year could be saved. Read more: Read more

According to the National Institute for Health Development, 26% of the adult population in Estonia or just over 231,000 individuals smoke on daily basis. If these people could choose again whether or not to start smoking, the majority would choose not to. However, you cannot turn back time meaning that getting a second chance is more likely in a science fiction movie. Nevertheless, all these people have the power to make a decision. The decision to quit smoking. Read more

You should be familiar with the basic operation of the device to get the best e-cigarette experience. An e-cigarette consists of an atomizer and battery. The battery's function is simple - it needs to hold enough charge to operate the atomizer's coil. The atomizer is that part of the e-cigarette which makes the e-liquid vaporise and allows imitating the smoking of regular cigarettes. First filling of the atomizer with e-liquid, i.e. Read more

E-cigarettes are a success story around the world and have quickly become popular in Estonia. Like with any novelty, there are many misconceptions and scary stories around. Misconception 1: e-cigarettes are not healthier than regular cigarettes They are! Some Estonian doctors believe that smoking an e-cigarette is not a good way of mitigating health damage. For example, neurologist Andrus Lipand says that "falling from the eighth storey is no less dangerous than falling from the twelfth". Read more

E-cigarettes can help get rid of the harmful smoking habit and save quite a bit of money - but this requires some will power too. The renowned psychologist Voldemar Kolga says that e-cigarette should be seen as something that has a replacement function, i.e. it could replace regular cigarettes and smoking. "The human civilisations keeps developing replacements from electrically powered fireplaces to sex toys. Even love could be considered as the replacement of sex just like the e-cigarette. Read more

Dear friends! We have an important announcement for you! Lately, we have received feedback that the use of other producers' liquids in our atomizers shortens their useful life. We recommend using Nicorex liquids - these are pure and all ingredients have the highest level of purity to prevent them from singing and blocking the atomizer, We can say the same about batteries. The voltage of other producers' batteries fluctuates - the voltage ranges from 4.2V for full battery to 3.3V for an almost completely discharged battery - therefore, these batteries shorten the useful life of Nicorex atomizers by subjecting them to an over-voltage of 0.5V. Read more