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From 01.07.2019 it is not allowed by Estonian law, to buy and sell e-cigarette products via e-shop.

Best e-cigarette in 2020

The best e-cigarette is a broad concept and there is no single answer. The world of e-cigarettes is always changing at a fast pace and manufacturers are launching new e-cigarettes faster than anyone could keep an eye on.

It doesn't matter if you are new or old in the vaping world, looking for the first e-cigarette or something new.

This article highlights the best of the three e-cigarettes in our range as of early 2020!

The best e-cigarette: small and discreet

Airscream - the perfect alternative to smoking regular cigarettes

AIRSCREAM AirsPops e-cigarette

Airscream is an innovative and convenient e-cigarette powered by a cartridge system.

With its simplicity and discretion, it is suitable for all e-cigarette users - both new and old!

A good device to take with you to a concert or somewhere that doesn't take up too much space in your pocket or handbag - so perfect for a carry!

Because of its simplicity, it is also the perfect first e-cigarette!

The Airscream e-cigarette comes with pre-filled cartridges - meaning you don't have to bother yourself with e-liquids. In addition, the e-cigarette lacks any buttons and controls - insert the cartridge and start vaping!

The refilled cartridges are available in three flavors - the Ocean 11 aromatic tobacco included in the e-cigarette starter kit is nicely sweet and full-bodied; in addition, there is also a nice icy Ice Toba for menthol lovers and Virginia Toba for lovers of masculine tobacco flavor! Airscream - the best e-cigarette for beginners and advanced users


The best e-cigarette: for everyday use

INNOKIN Adept + Zlide e-cigarette set

Waterproof. Dustproof. Shockproof.

What else?

If you are looking for a quit smoking assistant to fulfill your January 2020 New Year's promise and still don't know which e-cigarette to choose from, then no need to look any further!

The Innokin Adept Kit is a powerful e-cigarette with a large capacity battery - 3000mAh means you can vape all day long before you need to charge!

Easy adjustment - can be selected from four different power levels according to the coil, which means that the coil cannot be burned off at the wrong power level with this e-cigarette!

Pairing an economical and superbly tasting Innokin Zlide tank that is easy to refill and has a new coil changing system that is so comfortable and clean that there is no reason to delay the coil change! Thanks to the protective metal of the glass, the risk of glass breaking is minimal even when the machine is dropped!



Sub-ohm: direct lung: big clouds and plenty of flavor

Vaporesso LUXE + OBS e-cigarette set

If you want big clouds of vapor and plenty of flavor and you are not terrified by the higher cost of e-liquid. 

When choosing a Direct Lung E-Cigarette, we strongly recommend that you look at those with a replaceable battery, and prefer the 2-battery mode - they have a much longer lifetime + as a rule, have a higher power output of at least 200W.

Here we introduce the Vaporesso LUXE mod.

The LUXE is elegant but durable. This mod is with two replaceable batteries, power up to 220W! Beautiful 2-inch screen with touch buttons.

To pair it with a very good tank would be to choose an OBS sub-ohm tank. This vaporizer has a mesh heater inside for a great taste experience. In addition, it is a very versatile tank that fits coils from many different manufacturers, making it very easy to find a suitable coil!