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Base liquid with nicotine 20mg/ml 70VG/30PG booster, 10ml

The Nicorex base liquid with nicotine 20mg/ml or booster is a tool for DIY vapers looking to mix e-liquids tailored to their own taste.




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70VG/30PG is the most common formula to which you can add flavourings to mix e-liquids tailored to your own taste. If 20mg/ml is too strong, you can dilute it using Nicorex nicotine-free 70/30 VG/PG base liquid. Nicotine concentration: 20mg/ml Ingredients: vegetable glycerine 70% and propylene glycol 30%. Does not contain water!

NB! Suitable only for RDA, RTA, RBA and Sub-Ohm atomisers. Not for use in regular e-cigarettes!

WARNING! This product is designed only for advanced DIY enthusiasts. Not suitable for vapers who lack previous experience. Inexperienced users may suffer an unpleasant experience. If you have decided to order this product, we assume that you have detailed knowledge about using it.

The first step is to add the booster (quantity of the booster is usually mentioned on the label in percentages like 1-2% for example), then add nicotine, you can look at the table to find out how much nicotine you need to add to achieve the desired strength (skip this step, when you are going to make nicotine free e-liquid). Lastly add base liquid and the e-liquid is now almost ready for use. Shake the bottle properly and if possible let it steep a while to improve the taste.