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Aspire X30 Rover e-cigarette kit 2000mAh

The X30 Rover set with the low profile Nautilus X atomizer allows enjoying vaping anywhere. Convenient and compact, yet sufficiently powerful. Further, the set includes a lanyard strap for additional comfort, and the 3000mAh battery can generate an output of up to 30W.


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The set includes
1x NX30 battery
1x Nautilus X atomizer
1x 1.8Ω U-Tech coil (12W-16W)
1x Replacement glass
1x Micro-USB cable
1x Lanyard strap
1x Warranty card
1x Instruction manual

Output range: 1W-30W
Voltage range: 0.50V-8.00V
Resistance range: 0.2Ω – 3.5Ω
Charging: through Micro-USB port
Screen: 0.86“ OLED
Dimensions: 22.5mm x 36mm x 105mm
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Battery: integrated lithium polymer.

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* The useful life of all batteries is 300 charging cycles. This means that charging for even 5 minutes counts for one charging cycle. To ensure complete charging cycles we recommend using the battery until empty and only then charging. Further, we recommend that you always use two batteries to enjoy complete convenience of use: while one battery is in use, the other is being charged.