Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO 1500mAh e-cigarette

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Somewhat shorter than the iPhone 5s, the Aspire PokeX is the ultimate all-in-one (AIO) e-cigarette. Equipped with stainless steel 0.6 Ω Nautilus X U-Tech coil, the PokeX-i can be considered to be a sub-ohm device. The PokeX has a wider mouthpiece and a larger air vent on the top to generate lots of smoke.

With its discrete size and low-profile sub-ohm features, the PokeX e-cigarette is a device that fits every vaper either indoors or on the move.

Top filling - easy
Top air vent
Easy coil replacement
Leak-proof design
Liquid capacity: 2ml
Nautilus X U-Tech coil: 0.6 Ω 316L SS (18-23W)

Liquid capacity: 2ml
Battery capacity: 1500mAh
Colours: matte black, pink gold, white, stainless

The slim (11.77cm x 1.97cm) PokeX fits almost any pocket and is one of the most compact all-in-one e-cigarettes available on the market.

Cleaning, refilling and coil replacement operations on the PokeX are easy and quick.

With 18-23 Watts, the PokeX uses a 0.6-Ohm coil based on the Nautilus X U-Tech technology to generate an enjoyable amount of smoke.


Refilling the PokeX from the top is a novel and innovative feature. Screw off the top section, drip in the liquid and screw the top back again. The device holds 2ml of liquid. Be sure not to exceed the maximum mark when topping up the liquid.

NB! When filling for the first time, commissioning, or using a new coil, always wait 2-3 minutes depending on the liquid's viscosity to allow the coil to absorb the liquid. This is to avoid burning the coil right at the start.

1* PokeX AIO (0.6Ω pre-installed coil), 1* Replaceable coil 1* Micro-USB cable, 1* Instruction manual, 1* Warranty card

Further, read the FAQs and answers on e-cigarettes > > >

* The useful life of all batteries is 300 charging cycles. This means that charging for even 5 minutes counts for one charging cycle. To ensure complete charging cycles we recommend using the battery until empty and only then charging. Further, we recommend that you always use two batteries to enjoy complete convenience of use: while one battery is in use, the other is being charged.

* It takes approximately 3 hours to charge a 1500 mAh battery using the 220V USB adapter!

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