Aspire Nautilus X atomizer
Aspire Nautilus X atomizer
Aspire Nautilus X atomizer
Aspire Nautilus X atomizer
Aspire Nautilus X atomizer
Aspire Nautilus X atomizer
Aspire Nautilus X atomizer
Aspire Nautilus X atomizer

Aspire Nautilus X atomizer

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Nautilus X is a good example of the technological evolution of Aspire atomizers. Specially designed to provide a premium vaping experience with maximum taste. The atomizer comes with the U-Tech coil technology and a brand new airflow system. This atomizer is the future of micro-sized atomizers.

It features adjustable airflow, leak-proof design, 2ml capacity (expandable to 4ml), U-Tech technology and low profile.

The Nautilus X 1.5-Ohm coil can be used for mouth to lung or for direct lung vaping (for beginners) as it provides higher airflow. The 1.8-Ohm coil features smaller airflow and is designed only for mouth to lung vaping - for an even better taste experience.

The set includes
1x Nautilus X atomizer
1x 1.8Ω U-Tech coil (12W-16W)
1x 1.5Ω U-Tech coil (14W-20W)
1x Replacement glass

Dimensions: 22mm x 45mm
Capacity: 2ml


1.       Unscrew the top cover.
2.       Pour the liquid down the edge into the tank.
3.       Screw the top cover back again.

Fitting the coil
1.       Unscrew the top cover.
2.       Remove the glass tank.
3.       Screw the coil into the thread in the centre.

NB! For new coils, drip 2-3 drops on the visible cotton on the openings on both sides of the coil.

Before using a new coil, let the it absorb the liquid for about 5 minutes.

Do not let the atomizer become completely dry.

Adjusting airflow
Turn the section below the mouthpiece to adjust airflow.

4ml adapter kit, available here >>>
You can buy the optional adapter kit to increase the capacity of the Aspire Nautilus X to 4 millilitres.

Further, read the FAQs and answers on e-cigarette atomizers > > >

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