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Aspire K1 atomizer with changeable BVC coil

The Aspire K1 atomizer uses a replaceable BVC coil. Capacity of the tank is 1.5 ml of e-liquid. The atomizer can be conveniently refilled from the bottom. If filled for the first time, let the liquid filter in for 5-10 minutes.


Price 14.20
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• Diameter:  Φ1.55mm * 72mm
• Standard eGo thread
• Liquid capacity 1.5ml
• Weight 31g
• Available resistance ranges 1.6Ω (3.0~4.2V)

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* Filling the atomizer from bottom: Turn the atomizer upside down and unscrew the bottom. Fill the tank with liquid up to the edge of the tube in the centre. Make sure that the liquid does not enter the air tube in the middle of the atomizer. Screw the bottom on again.