Currently, the media is full of sensational headlines on e-cigarettes with some of them true and some... well, not so true. We busted some most common myths available in the media. Using an e-cigarettes is just as good as smoking regular cigarettes It is regretful that the devices are called e-cigarettes making it sound similar to "regular cigarettes" - therefore, these two very different products are often associated with each other. However, e-cigarettes are inherently different from regular cigarettes. Read more

Following the extensive media coverage which started with the publication of the results of a study commissioned by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Dr Farsalinos, a Greek cardiologist, who has studied the health effects of smoking and use of e-cigarettes, published an article on a  research web site . The summary of this article is featured in our blog.   He decided to publish the article because following the publication of the results of the study conducted in Japan various media channels provided misleading reports on the study results and a number of people consulted him to find out whether the use of e-cigarettes is truly ten times more harmful to the health than smoking regular cigarettes. According to Dr Farsalinos, the news titles referred to several carcinogens although the body text of articles concerned only formaldehyde. Dr Farsalinos explains the background: To tell the whole truth, this “substance found in building materials and embalming fluids” is in reality present everywhere in the environment, in every house, in every city, town, village, urban or rural area. Read more

We have no idea what it contains and whether it could have irreversible effects. The bottles provide no information and even if they do, can we trust it? Low-quality e-liquids are characterised by scratchy throat, dry mouth, unpleasant chemical tinge and other similar symptoms. Surely you have noticed articles in the media about people being intoxicated by e-cigarettes. It is true, provided that they have bought e-liquids mixed together from ingredients available in someone's garage. Read more