According to the National Institute for Health Development, 26% of the adult population in Estonia or just over 231,000 individuals smoke on daily basis. If these people could choose again whether or not to start smoking, the majority would choose not to. However, you cannot turn back time meaning that getting a second chance is more likely in a science fiction movie. Nevertheless, all these people have the power to make a decision. The decision to quit smoking. Read more

You should be familiar with the basic operation of the device to get the best e-cigarette experience. An e-cigarette consists of an atomizer and battery. The battery's function is simple - it needs to hold enough charge to operate the atomizer's coil. The atomizer is that part of the e-cigarette which makes the e-liquid vaporise and allows imitating the smoking of regular cigarettes. First filling of the atomizer with e-liquid, i.e. Read more