E-cigarettes are a success story around the world and have quickly become popular in Estonia. Like with any novelty, there are many misconceptions and scary stories around. Misconception 1: e-cigarettes are not healthier than regular cigarettes They are! Some Estonian doctors believe that smoking an e-cigarette is not a good way of mitigating health damage. For example, neurologist Andrus Lipand says that "falling from the eighth storey is no less dangerous than falling from the twelfth". Read more

E-cigarettes can help get rid of the harmful smoking habit and save quite a bit of money - but this requires some will power too. The renowned psychologist Voldemar Kolga says that e-cigarette should be seen as something that has a replacement function, i.e. it could replace regular cigarettes and smoking. "The human civilisations keeps developing replacements from electrically powered fireplaces to sex toys. Even love could be considered as the replacement of sex just like the e-cigarette. Read more